A few Extropia conventions from Task Imminent to Acquire Nanotech.

Egotropia is a major casting and sleeving service.

Much of the external surface and surrounding space is controlled by Extropia Shipping and Ports, known locally as the Port Authority. Most of the movement of physical items to and from the habitat goes through the Port Authority (a main exception being locals who own their own space docks). The Port Authority maintains their dominance in this sector by business savvy, a dominant “defensive” fleet, and a large contingent of “security personnel”. They are generally willing to work to customers’ specifications (i.e. grey or black market goods) as long as they are convinced there is no threat to the habitat. Ask Colin if you want some pre-made Port Authority personalities (who didn’t come up in the mission, so aren’t cannon yet).

Extropia is divided into sectors A-F. Sector A is near the center of the habitat and tends to be home to the richest/most influential people and organizations on Extropia. In general, the sectors decrease in quality through the sector F slums, many of which are located on or near the surface of the habitat. Each sector has arbitrarily assigned numbered subsectors and each of those is further divided by Old Earth Greek letter. Individual rooms are identified by number. For example, E52beta is a seedy transhotel and E52beta134 is a specific room. So far, cannon includes:
  • E52gamma is a set of ‘underbelly’ Port Authority docks used primarily for shady dealings
  • E52beta is a seedy transhotel
  • D108gamma63-70 is a suite of rooms in a more upscale hotel
  • B1alpha contains housing owned by various hypercorps

Extropia runs on EST, which stands for Extropian Standard Time. It is a 24 hour day synced to the historical GMT Earth time.


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