Modded Cortical Stack

A modified cort stack allowing more control by the user


As designed, cortical stacks are very secure but not flexible in their uses. Various modifications can be performed, allowing greater usability at the risk of lowering security. A modded cortical stack allows the character control over their cortical stack functions, essentially giving them a flexible, extremely high density implanted memory bank. For an example of how this can be used, read the intro story in the rulebook (Sava had to have a modded stack). Modifying an extended cortical stack opens up even more possibilities.

There are two downsides for using a cortical stack in this manner. First, if the stack is used to store additional information the ego backup will be incomplete (effectively a beta or delta fork or vapor) or nonexistent. Second, allowing the character and/or muse to actively control the stack also opens the stack up to the possibility of being hacked if the muse or PAN is compromised.

Modifying a cortical stack in this manner doubles its cost. This is cumulative with costs for extended cortical stacks.


Modded Cortical Stack

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