Cort Bomb

An emergency farcaster imitation designed to be used as suicide bomb


“Cort Bomb” is the street name for a modified or imitation emergency farcaster designed to be used as a bomb rather than for ego transmission. These devices closely resemble real emergency broadcasters with a minor change to the antimatter containment system. Any security device scanning for antimatter threats takes a -30 modifier to distinguish a cort bomb from a real emergency broadcaster.

A character with a cort bomb may detonate it through their PAN, or their muse may do so if instructed to. This means that if the PAN or muse is compromised to hacking the hacker may detonate the cort bomb if they know about it or find indications that it exists (by exploring the PAN or pumping the muse for info, for example).

When a cort bomb is detonated it acts as a High-Explosive grenade centered on the cortical stack. The body of the character using the cort bomb (including the cortical stack itself) is completely and utterly destroyed.

Cort Bombs are Expensive. They are also illegal to possess or sell pretty much everywhere.


Cort Bomb

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