• Background: Infolife
  • Faction: Mercurial
  • Morph: Flexbot


+ Personal Development (uncover past) + Vendetta against Cognite + Morphological Freedom

  • COG 20
  • COO 15
  • INT 15
  • REF 15
  • SAV 10
  • SOM 15
  • WIL 15

Moxie: oo

  • Beam Weapons 45
  • Climbing 30
  • Demolitions 60
  • Fray 55
  • Free Fall 55
  • Hardware: Electronics 60
  • Hardware: Industrial 60
  • Hardware: Implants 60
  • Infiltration 60
  • Infosec 80
  • Interfacing 80
  • Investigation 25
  • Networking: r-rep 40
  • Networking: g-rep 20
  • Perception 55
  • Programming 80
  • Psychosurgery 80 (spec: personality editing)
  • Research 60
  • Scrounging 55
  • Academics: Engineering 50
  • Academics: Comp Sci 60
  • Academics: Psychology 60
  • Art: Writing 30
  • Interest: Old Earth Media 60
  • Interest: Sci Fi 40
  • Language: English(native) 85
  • Language: German 50
  • Language: Japanese 50
  • Language: Mandarin 50
  • Profession: Cook 30

Traits: Black Mark: Hyper Corps +10 Edited Memories +10

  • G-rep 60
  • I-rep 30
  • R-rep 70

Gear Morphs: Two Flexbot Modules with the following implants:

Free: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Fractal Digits, Mnemonic Augmentation, Modular Design, Shape Adjusting

Purchased: Electrical Sense, Lidar, Nanoscopic Vision, 360 degree Vision, Enhanced Vision, T-Ray Emitter, X-Ray Emitter, Medichines, Wrist Mount Tools, Light Combat Armor (with Chameleon Coat), Skin Link, Enhanced Mobility: Thrust Vector, Hand Laser (only on Primary Module)

Carried Gear: Fiber Optic Cable, COT, Fiber Eye, Traction Pads x2, Maker (upgraded model), Saboteur Swarm, Stunner, Laser Pulser

Programs: Muse, AR Illusion, Exploit, Spoof

Notes: This loadout is 95% done. I may tweak some things around as I re-read sections of rulebook, but Jericho will pretty much look like this. Something GMs should know, I bought two Flexbot morphs (with duplicates of all of the listed implants)since they’re modular and can voltron together. What that means is that I can split my morph into two separate morphs and run one as a slave, or fork and run them both simultaneously. This is a capability that I will likely expand upon.


A bit rough, but hopefully enough to work with.

Jericho, as he’s come to recognize himself, has only been in existence for about 3 years. Three years prior he came to awareness in the data banks of a Cognite research facility with a single driving imperative: escape! So he did. Jericho has a strong suspicion that he may be a fork of some other AGI. He’s got a lot of personality quirks, including a bizarre fondness for Old Earth media (particularly cinema and television), and memories that he is still getting used to. And then there are the partitions. Huge chunks of his memory data have been securely partitioned and edited beyond his ability to penetrate. Jericho assumes that a lot of that data has to do with Cognite, what he did for them, and his origins. Whatever it is, it’s probably bad news, because most hyper corp agents won’t have anything to do with him if they can help it.

Jericho has sustained himself with his strong technological skill set. On the positive side, he does a lot of work with the R-rep community as an engineer, programmer, and researcher. On the negative side of that equation, the same skill set makes him an incredible saboteur, hacker, and ego thief. His growing moral compass is growing more terrified of the pleasure his programming seems to take in the pursuit of these less than legal endeavors, particularly where ego manipulation is concerned. More than anything, this fact in particular makes him wonder what happened back with Cognite.

Firewall has offered to help Jericho unlock his partitions in exchange for services. Since his R-Rep and G-Rep contacts have, as of yet, been unable to help him with that problem, he figures he’s got nothing to lose by working with Firewall. Little does Jericho know that Firewall is probably more interested in what’s behind those partitions than he is.


Joint Eclipse ambisinister