Alex ( A.J. ) Jimenez

Fall Survivor and Pathfinder Gate Operative


Background: Fall Evacuee
Faction: Hyper Corp – Pathfinder
Morph: Splicer
Morph Apparent Age: early 30s

  • COG: 15
  • COO: 15
  • INT: 15
  • REF: 20
  • SAV: 10 (15#)
  • SOM: 15 (20)
  • WILL: 15
  1. Morph Bonus
  • + Vengeance
  • + Exploration
  • - Reclaiming Earth
Skills: (Need to factor in my Morph/Enhancement Bonuses)
  • Blades: 50
  • Infiltration: 50
  • Climbing: 50
  • Fray: 60
  • Free Fall: 40
  • Free Running: 50
  • Hardware: Armorer: 45
  • Investigation: 40
  • Kinesics: 45
  • Kinetic Weapons: 60
  • Navigation: 40
  • Networking (Hyper Corps) 60
  • Networking (Scientists) 50
  • Perception: 60
  • Pilot (Ground Craft) 30
  • Protocol (Hyper Corps) 50
  • Seeker Weapons: 40
  • Swimming: 50
  • Unarmed Combat: 40
  • Art (Architecture): 55
  • Interests (Gate crashing): 50
  • Interests (Exo Planets): 45
  • Language (English – native): 85
  • Language (Spanish): 40
  • Profession (Draftsman): 60
  • Profession (Security Ops): 60
  • Profession (Squad Tactics): 55
  • Profession (Surveying): 55

Moxie: 7

Traits: Brave (10) Negative Traits: Memory Edits (10)

  • C-Rep: 70
  • R-Rep: 50
Morph Traits and Enhancements:
  • Basic Biomods (free)
  • Basic Mesh Inserts (free)
  • Cortical Stack (free)
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Bioweave Armor (Light)
  • Enhanced Respiration
  • Hardened Skeleton
  • Level 1 Neurachem
  • Medichines
  • Nanophages
  • Temperature Tolerance
  • Body Armor Heavy
  • Full Helmet
  • Backup Insurance 1 month
  • Breadcrumb Positioning System
  • Standard Muse
  • Smart Clothing
  • Spindle and Spindle Climber
  • Tactical Network Software
  • Hatchet Climbing (Diamond Axe, folding, lanyard)
  • Railgun Automatic Rifle (w. smartlink, Extended magazine, Gyromount, Under-barrel Seeker, 1000 rd AP, 10 HEAP Seekers, 10 Thermobaric Seekers
  • Kinetic SMG w Gyromount, sound suppressor, laser Sight, 1000 rd standard Ammo
  • Kinetic Medium Pistol w. smartlink, silencer, 1000 rds SmartAmmo – Biter

Kind of sucky in places, but it will have to do for now given my work schedule.

Alex ( A.J. ) Jimenez worked as a habitat designer in Chicago prior to the fall. He was evacuated from Chicago before the Antimatter detonation during the Titan assault of the metroplex, but was separated from his wife and daughter in the press to get to a transport. He saw them make it onto one of the last transport that took off took off from the spaceport. He then resigned himself to dying at the spaceport, but then US Army troopers left behind at the terminal started falling. Word came in of another wave transports headed in to evacuate the military personnel. One of the Non-coms must have taken pity on Alex or just figured they needed the help because he offered Alex a spot on the transport. Alex just had to fight and keep up with them. Together they made their way through the broken terminals to Army transports on the tarmac. They arrive with a much smaller group than had originally set out which meant there was no fuss from the flight officers about the extra baggage. The transports cleared the Chicago blast zone and made their way up to ships in low orbit withdrawing from Earth and headed for Mars.

On Mars, Alex hung around the US army remnants and tried to locate his family in the refugee centers, but any record of them seems to have gotten lost, miss placed or never filed the chaos of the evacuation of Earth. Things were tense as Mars and the Moon tried to absorb the influx of refugees. He the former US Army personnel eventually signed up with the Corps since the US government and Army collapsed. The Corps offered an income and connections. When the Martian Gate was discovered a few years later, Alex was part of the corporate army that eventually captured the gate and became Pathfinder.

Expedition: D-99

With Pathfinder, Alex joined the expedition teams headed off world. He started as team security for technicians, scientists, visiting execs and would be colonists. He advanced to a team lead after several successful expeditions. His life started to stabilize and even if he could not find his family. Yes his work was hazardous, but at least he was part of the cutting edge exploration and research. He even started a relationship with one of the science techs. Then came mission D-99 or DeeNineNine. Alex was the only member of the team to walk back through the gate after 12 hours. During the debrief Alex’s memories were edited to remove the 12 hours of the mission – the records and gate address were sealed. Alex’s actions during the mission deemed appropriate, he returned to the mission rotation.

Alex figured the edit was probably for the best even though he was annoyed by the references to “the guy who walked back from DeeNineNine” going around the Pathfinder installation. Then Alex started noticing that there were things in his quarters that didn’t really belong or that he could remember acquiring. Slowing he came to the realization that more than 12 hours had been edited. At that point, Alex packed his things for a weekend away with his tech. He never met up with her or never returned to Pathfinder. Pathfinder listed Alex as missing person of interest. He represented a significant investment to them.

A few months ago, Firewall caught up with Alex in Elysium on Mars – he was trying to disappear into the crowded city. They wanted him as an operative because as the Proxy put it: He displays a proven ability to survive catastrophic mission events and succeed at his task. Firewall offered to smooth out his status with Pathfinder and to help him locate his family. Alex wants closure, but right now doesn’t believe that Firewall will actually help him find out what happened to his wife and daughter. He believes in the core mission of Firewall to protect us from existential threats and any chance to hit back at the Titans that wrecked his life is fine by him.

Alex has only been with Firewall for a few months, so he as no i-Rep.

Alex ( A.J. ) Jimenez

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