Dardelion Mac Liam


Stuff GMs should know:
Dar has no Cort Stack and refuses to cast, resleeve, etc. When he dies, he’s dead. I fully expect this to happen sooner rather than later so don’t feel that you have to hold back (I plan to come in as a different character for the long term). Dar has an ecto, not an endo, so he can remove it if his muse gets hacked. None of his morph mods should be hackable (excluding weird stuff like basilisk hacks).

Male, 19
Moxie: 3
+ Egoconservatism
+ Personal Development
+ Conservation/Stewardship

Cog 15 (+5)
Coo 10
Int 15
Ref 15
Sav 15
Som 15 (+5)
Wil 20

Beam Weapons 31>
Climbing 31 (Grip/Traction Pads: +30)
Fray 31
Free Fall 61
Freerunning 31
Hardware: (Utilitool and Hardware Kits: +10)
  Aerospace 61
  Electronics 61
  Industrial  31
  Robotics 31
Infosec 31
Interfacing 31
Kinesics 31
Medicine: (Utilitool: +10)
  Paramedic 61
Navigation 61
  @ 61
  r 61
  e 31
Perception 61
  Starcraft 61
  Groundcraft 31
Programming 31
Protocol 31
Research 31
Scrounging 61
Swimming 31
Unarmed Combat 31

  Extrasolar Planets 61
  English 85 (native)
  Arabic 51
  Japanese 51
  Hindi 51
  Russian 51
  Portuguese 51
  Asteroid Mining 61
  Hab Tech 61

 @ 80
 E 40
 R 80
Credits: 2,550

Firewall Codename: Walker
Sentinel ID: Zachary O'Connor
Backup: None (no Cort Stack)

Second Skin
Armoured Clothing
Smart Skin
Full Helmet w/ Specs
Vacsuit w/ Ablative Patches, Fireproofing, Lotus Coating, Refractive Glazing, Shock Proof
Radio Booster, Thruster Pack
Distress Beacon
Guardian Angel
Traction Pads
Micrograv Shoes
X-Ray Emitter
Electrical Sensor (physical version of Electrical Sense cyberware
Visible Flashlight
UV Flashlight
Repair Spray
Hardware Kit x4 (one for each Hardware skill)
EG Net
Spindle and Climbe
Not Water
Scapper's Gel

Basic Biomods
Basic Ecto (note: NOT an endo)
Enhanced Respiration
O2 Reserve
Vacuum Sealing
Grip Pads
Light Bioweave
Hardened Skeleton

Rapid Healer
No Cort Stack

Muse: Standard Muse with chosen skills:
  Engineering 40
  Nanotech 40
  Appraisal 40

Dardelion Mac Liam was born in Cordellon, a Cole Bubble in the Main Belt. Cordellon was formed before the Fall and is one of the main egoconservative strongholds in the galaxy. Although views obviously vary between individuals, the basis of egoconservatism is that there is more to the mind than just the information contained in the brain (perhaps a soul, if you will). Essentially egoconservatists believe that resleeving and egocasting result in the true death of the original person/mind; what comes out on the other end is a copy with the same knowledge, memories, and psychology but is not the same person. As such, Cordellon has no egocasting or resleeving facilities and to come or go people have to travel via physical means. Egoconservatists also tend to avoid mods and gear that overtly affect their mental state or capacities, although each person draws the line at a different point.

Cordellon has significantly more physical room than is required for its human inhabitants, and is clearly is not a destination for the many infomorph refugees. A confluence of historical events has resulted in much of the space in the habitat being converted into reconstructed old-Earth ecosystems, including lakes, forests, deserts, and rain forests. Species with fully known genome sequences have been regrown and scientists are working on reconstructing other species from partial sequences and their known biological properties. As such, Cordellon is a bit of a mecca for ecologists.

Cordellons are definitely not bioconservative and the habitat is home to some of the galaxy’s experts in fields such as genetic engineering, modding, and zoology. However, due to the egoconservative views of the inhabitants (and the restrictive methods of visiting) Cordellon is shunned by the Hypercorps and even some of the autonomist/anarchist groups (although the latter tend to be more respectful). Cordellons tend to have their strongest ties with scientists, ecologists, and some autonomists.

Dar follows the egoconservative views of his parents and, although he has never worked closely with them, has learned the ecologists’ respect for life, diversity, and conservation. As a member of an independent habitat which must provide for its own defense, Dar went through mandatory miltia training. However he has never fought in actual combat (outside of a few fisticuff scraps with friends while growing up) and is not a soldier in any sense. He was following in his Dad’s footsteps as an asteroid miner (with additional training as a technician) when he became embroiled in the Firewall conspiracy.

Dardelion Mac Liam

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